Master the art of the 1-hour time slot

I liked one of Nicole  Antoinette’s  time management tips

It has taken me years – actual YEARS – to teach myself what an appropriate daily to-do list looks like. In the past, I’d make lists of all the things I was going to get done on a given day and, of course, the list was wildly unrealistic. I never even came close to accomplishing everything on it, and I’d end the day feeling like shit about not meeting my goals. The trick, I’ve learned, is to think about my day in 1-hour time slots. If I’m going to work from X time to X time, that means I have a set amount of 1-hour time slots. The benefit of thinking of your workday by hour is that it’s a lot easier to be realistic when you’re making a to-do list for an hour than when you’re making it for the whole day. Asking yourself, “Can I accomplish this task/action step in an hour?” is a much easier question to answer than, “What do I want to get done today?” and I’ve found that by dividing my day’s worth of hour-long time slots up by project and batching everything for each project together, I’m able to a) set much more realistic daily goals and b) end the day feeling fulfilled and productive.

via 4 Totally Weird (and Crazy Effective) Time Management Tips.


One thought on “Master the art of the 1-hour time slot

  1. mgopsill

    Have you ever seen ‘About a Boy’? The main character divides his life into 15 minute units. I actually think this is quite a good model. I like the idea of thinking what could I get done in an hour instead of what do I want to do today. Forces goals to be more specific and action will be easier to take.


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