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Interviewed at Citizen 2013

During the lunch  break of the excellent Citizen 2013, I was interviewed by Andrew Walker from Tweetminster. This was part of the livestream of the event, now on demand. I’m at 3:53:00.


Online reputation management

Past scandals, bad photos, critical comments: the internet has a long memory. As the EU considers the ‘right to be forgotten’, Tim Dowling investigates the growing business of online reputation management – and learn how you can airbrush your own past.
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Reputations is a reputation management and public relations firm, helping clients build, manage and protect their reputations. We are the only agency in Canada that has built its practice and intellectual property around reputation management. Our first question is: What is the reputation you need to grow your business?

Igniyte Online Reputation Management process.

Now they’ve come for the journalists

Tom Streithorst, a cameraman and journalist, writes in Prospect Magazine.

But this story is larger than just the plight of freelance journalists. The condition of all workers is harsher than it was in our parents’ day. It is not just blue-collar workers that are suffering. Lawyers, advertising creative directors, middle managers and even bankers are working much longer hours than they used to. Unless you are a professional athlete, the guy who had your job 20 years ago almost certainly made more money (in real terms), had more fun and didn’t work as hard. As consumers, we live like kings. Even people on council estates can afford flat-screen TVs that Gordon Gekko would have lusted after 20 years ago, but our work lives are ever less rosy. We work harder, with no job security, for less pay—but even during this recession, corporate profits remain healthy. Established professionals (like Thayer) who have worked for years to build a reputation see themselves edged out. Firms are looking for 22-22-22: 22-year-olds willing to work 22 hours a day for $22,000. Median inflation-adjusted male wages in the United States are lower now than they were in 1973.

via Now they’ve come for the journalists.